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Creative Bathroom Ideas

It is important to keep in mind utility and design when remodeling a bathroom; it is quite difficult to accomplish because you have to arrange various components to fit and function in a limited area. Keeping in mind plumbing and ventilation as important key factors. Effectively doing the remodeling of a bathroom is imperative since there are various water elements to consider.

The life span of a bathroom is about 20 years; this is because of frequent use that results to wear and tear of facilities. An average bathroom remodeling costs close to twenty thousand dollars so keep your remodeling design strategic and intentional in order to create a functional space and reap a high return on investment. Typically, most bathrooms are limited in space, but they are also an area where a bit of color and texture can be applied in your home.

Keep in mind that when choosing your bathroom remodeling ideas, select durable materials that are also low maintenance. Focus on lightening often as possible and maximize energy. These are the important quality to consider when remodeling.
There are permits and building codes to consider that is if you are carrying out the project yourself but if you are contracting the project, it is important that you go over our essentials tips used for hiring a contractor. The 10 things you should avoid when doing home improvement project is outlined below; this information will help you get started, and also you can check out our 15 point checklist designed to guide you throughout the duration of the project.
Maximizing your space should be your top priority. In this article, we have covered the basis of bathroom ideas focusing on the function as well as budget. We even considered simple remodeling changes such as color and upgrades.
Now you can create your dream room with our complied bathroom design advice and tips, listed out in this article. So if you are looking for guest or master bathroom ideas on any budget, we have you covered.


Creative Bathroom Ideas Opulent-bathroom-with-a-sunken-Jacuzzi-and-a-curved-stone-wall

Usually, the walls of the bathroom are tiled, this is because it makes the bathroom more attractive and more durable. It also reflects light and it is low maintenance, it brings freshness to space. There are varieties of options to choose from when dealing with bathroom tile ideas. There is a halfway tiled walls; this creates wainscoting, or you can tile the whole wall with a classic white subway tile. You can also create a border between tiles or combine different styles using any material you prefer. Selecting tiles for your walls are more costly than using paints. You can also not use lots of tiles if you are on a budget or rather go for paints and choose whatever color you like but if you are choosing to paint the walls, make sure the suitable additive are properly mixed to prevent mildew from coming on the walls. Also if you are choosing to tile the walls of the bathroom, make sure you go for stain-resistant grout. Although they are a bit costly, but they are absolutely worth it. The most popular bathroom color is white, neutral or off-white, this is because the color gives a neutral tone to the bathroom, it also gives the space a feeling of calmness and freshness. You can also decide to base the color scheme off another color. This is a monochromatic color palette. It is popularly used, and it opens up the room.


Creative Bathroom Ideas Classic-Wall-Lamp-above-Round-Framless-Wall-Mirror-in-Wide-Master-Bathroom-Remodel

It is important that you select the right lighting used in your bathroom. Lighting aids in making the space feel bigger than it is. It can also enhance and transform a room, enhancing all other elements in the room. Let the professionals handle the electrical work unless you are knowledgeable in that area. But if you can handle your own electrical work, for example, swapping out a fixture. Installing LED lights cover efficiency because they use less energy and they last longer than the average lightning.


Creative Bathroom Ideas Tile-Luxury-Home-Bathroom2

There are varieties of option to choose from when choosing materials that would be used for the bathroom flooring. Carefully consider our tips before making your choice in order to choose correctly what fits your space the best. Generally, the large floor tiles are best for small spaced bathrooms. Remember to choose ceramic tiles of grade 1 or 2 and a 7% or less water absorption rating. Choose tiles that is impervious and slip resistant in order to avoid slips when exposed to water. You can use Vinyl for the bathroom flooring . Also, it feels better on the bare feet. It is quite popular because it is not expensive and it is easy to maintain. It is also known for its practicality and durability. Heated flooring is the most desired feature that buyers are interested in, in today’s market. This is because of its efficiency in energy, heating features plus it allows the floor dry faster which reduces the chance of falls and slips.

Fixtures and Finishes

Creative Bathroom Ideas Bellaterra-Home-205030-A-WHITE-Bathroom-Sink

It has been estimated that bathroom fixtures amount to 20% of the renovation budget , according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Make sure you consider who uses the space and how frequently will it be used. If it is a kid’s bathroom, you can use plastic laminate flooring and countertops; they are both inexpensive, durable and they make an excellent choice for kids because they really don’t care about quality. When designing a bathroom, choose materials that are easy to clean, and that is also durable, this would be a wise choice in the long run. On that note, make sure all the glass features are treated with anti-spotting agents and select quartz instead of marble. You can also select all-brass parts and a PVD finish; this is scratch resistant. Instead of basic chrome, you can choose nickel or bronze materials if you are on a budget. Are you considering replacing certain features in your bathroom? Here is a guide on how you can pick out the appropriate choice for your bathroom. Search for low-flow toilets, this is guaranteed to be energy efficient. You can also create a hidden storage space in the room.

Showers and Tubs

Creative Bathroom Ideas tubs-showers-5

Getting a bath tub is important for all those who want the spa feel or you own children or dogs. It is necessary in every home, use the tub area to define different sections in the room, you can also change the tile you use in that area in order to create an accent wall. Choose tiles that are less than 3% of water absorption rating which is lower than those tiles used in order bathroom areas. If you are worried about the shower design, whether you prefer open or closed ones. Consider the advantages and disadvantages before coming to your decisions.


Creative Bathroom Ideas nice-blue-bathroom-design-marvelous-blue-tile-bathroom-4-blue-bathroom-tile-design-ideas

You can always decorate your bathroom if you cannot afford a full blown remodeling of it. Decorating gives your space life and brightens the room; you can implement various decorating ideas ranging from changing the paint on the walls to replacing your cabinetry. You are allowed to apply colors and textures like dark hues or bright colored patterns in your bathroom. You can also replace the mats, soap dispensers, towels and toilet paper holders; this would aid in refreshing the room. Because the bathroom space is smaller, you can go for slightly expensive countertop materials or floor patterns.


Creative Bathroom Ideas hm_532800280_spcms

Check out some current bathroom trends, if you are not quite sure of the look, you are going for. You can also browse for ideas like our gallery for bathroom features. Make the most of your space and bathroom layout. You will also find our ideas useful if you are still sketching your designs

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