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The Secret to a Streak-Free Mirror

No matter the number of times you have tried cleaning a mirror, a mirror with streaks is not clean.
You will have the shiniest mirrors on the block, once you learn my secret product and technique on how to clean mirrors because streaks can be off-putting, unsightly and frustrating. The inks used in newspapers today, leave residues behind thereby making your mirrors streaky, so they do not work anymore.

So this is why you get an unpleasant result when you try using newspaper to clean your mirrors. Even paper towels leaves small flecks of lint on the glass, so this is not the greatest option and it can get wasteful. Avoid using newspapers and paper towels to clean mirrors or glass. All you need is a non-streaking cloth to get the satisfactory results you desire. The mirror might need some cleaning before the major mirror cleaning, so try and get that out of the way. It is very important to designate a glass cleaner product or recipe, because they are made to be non-sudsing. This means that they won’t leave residue or streaks on the mirror or glass. You will likely see a haze over the mirror if you use any old cleaning product, in order to clean like a pro you need to read this article further.

You won’t get the spectacular results with any other cloth, unless you use a flat-weave microfiber cloth. With the right tools, you can save a lot of your time. Using a flat-weave cloth prevents debris from clinging to the cloth, plus they promote lint-free finishing and fast drying.
All you need is:

  • A glass cleaner – water and vinegar works for me, although you can also make use of any cleaner of your choice.
  • A cotton pad – for the rubbing alcohol, stay tuned.
  • Rubbing alcohol – yes, that’s the secret.

Let’s get started!

The Secret to a Streak-Free Mirror GlassCleaners_DirtyWindow-Spray

Pour little rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad, check the mirror for any goopy or glob build up, like toothpaste splatters, hairspray and so on. After scanning, rub them off one by one from the top to the bottom. Because rubbing alcohol dries fast, you need to work quickly.
Make sure when you use the glass cleaner, it is misted and not soaked, this causes more work for you.
You will have 4 clean surfaces to work with once you fold your microfiber cloth into quarters. To ensure you are working with a clean surface as required, you can flip the cloth.
You can begin from the top corner of the mirror and gently drag the cleaning cloth to the opposite corner of the mirror, then swoop back and head on to the other side, forming a zig zag or an ‘S Pattern’, do this until you get to the end of the mirror. In this way you will reach all areas of the mirror and gets rid of all streaks.

Secret Angle

The Secret to a Streak-Free Mirror bigstock-White-And-Blue-Bathroom-Interi-74217427
By checking the mirror at a 45 degree angle, you can see any scuff marks. All streaks that aren’t visible when you are looking at the mirror straight on, can be seen when you tilt it in this angle because it sheds more light on the mirror. After spotting the stain, you can quickly wipe it clean by spraying your cloth and wiping it dry.
And, you’re done!
It takes about 90 seconds to complete this task. Personally, I think it is the best way to clean a mirror or glass. Trusts me, the process works!

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