Glass Walls and Glass Doors in Toronto

No matter what space you’re working with in your home or office, glass will be a beautiful addition that will enhance the space and provide it with a touch of luxury, professionalism and class. It allows for natural light to come in, potentially decreasing your energy costs, and the look is unmatched.

Glass walls and glass doors have all kinds of advantages, and we’re the experts for you to turn to wherever you are in the Greater Toronto Area. There are quite a few types of glass walls that you can consider, depending on your space and your specific requirements.

Glass walls are ideal for the modern office. Boardrooms today are almost always enclosed with glass on at least one side, providing people in the room with a feeling of being less enclosed and more open. Glass walls are very common to use for individual offices as well. They provide an open feeling, while many types are soundproof, so phone calls and meetings can take place without everyone hearing every word that’s spoken.

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In addition to being soundproof, glass walls can be as private or as open as you’d like, depending on the style that you’re after in your office. Custom graphics, for example, are a great way to go when you’re dealing with glass. They add a visual level to your business that is hard to achieve any other way. If that’s not really your style, there are different types of art glass featuring a number of different textures and patterns that can create more of a visual barrier that you might be looking for.

Movable glass walls are also an option. Sometimes you need a little bit of flexibility with your office space, or the option to expand and allow for more employees or different spaces in the future. Traditional walls won’t give you that option, but glass definitely will.

In terms of glass doors, you can select pivot panel doors to give your space some flexibility. Inset pass doors are another option, so that when your door is open, it rests flat against the rest of the wall, creating an open environment without taking up any space in your room. Glass walls are also available with custom rail cladding, so you can pick the material that works well with your décor. Standard aluminum is very common, but other anodizing can take place to create a hard, durable, scratch-resistant coating on the aluminum. Whether you’ve got a modern, trendy look or more of a classic look, glass walls will be a welcome addition to your office and your workspace productivity.

When you need someone to help you with the installation of your glass walls and glass doors in Toronto, you can most certainly turn to us. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we have years of expertise. We believe in producing absolute top quality work while providing our customers with the best possible customer service. We don’t settle for poor workmanship, and we don’t think that you should have to, either.

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