Large Mirrors in Toronto

Large wall mirrors are a brilliant way to create an illusion of space in restricted living areas. By reflecting a room and its contents, a large mirror can enhance the effect of natural lighting in darker, more space restrictive environments. Of course, the complementary design effects of large wall mirrors are far from secret. However, it is still important for homeowners and interior designers to use the right large mirror for the right kind of living space.

How to Choose the Right Mirror

In many cases, a large wall mirror will be used in a property entrance, foyer, or corridor area in order to add a sense of extra light and expansiveness. Moreover, in such areas, large square or rectangular wall mirrors will often be used so as to complement the angles of the restrictive space itself. However, when attempting to equip other home areas with a sense of extra space, square, and rectangular large wall mirrors aren’t always the best solution. In bathrooms and wash closets, for example, large angular mirror designs can sometimes feel garish and out of place. In mind of this, oval and large round mirror designs are often used instead.

Bedroom & Home Studio Mirrors

While full length, wall to wall mirrors are often synonymous with places like professional dance studios and workout areas, they can also be perfect for helping exemplify senses of space in bedroom and home gym areas also. While for example, wall to wall full-length mirrors are sometimes discouraged from being used in entertaining areas such as kitchens and living areas, they can be perfect for adding a sense of space and light to more private areas of a home.

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Helping you add an Illusion of Space to Your Home

Wherever you might want to add an extra dimension of space and light to your property, we can help.

We specialize in the provision of everything from large round mirrors to floor to ceiling mirrors and wall to wall mirror designs. In fact, the only restriction on the size of the mirrors we can provide lies with the overall size of your homes doorways; this and the accessibility of smaller spaces such as guest bathrooms and narrow corridors.

Are you looking to increase the light and in general sense of spaciousness in your property? If so, call or contact us today in order to discuss your specific needs in a little more detail.

We take a great deal of pride in helping you achieve the goals that you have for your home, and our team believes strongly in providing nothing but the best when it comes to customer service. We have satisfied customers all over the Toronto area with our custom mirrors installations.

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