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Stunning Walk in Shower Enclosure Ideas for your Home

A bathroom is one of the most personal areas of any home. As well as where we attend to our morning ablutions, our bathrooms are where we relax, unwind, and take time out from the world in between often hectic life and work schedules.

The above being the case, a functional and well-decorated bathroom is just as much about providing an ultimate relaxation experience, as it is lending a mark of decorative distinction to your home. In this respect, which are the most functional and elegant walk in shower enclosures which you should be thinking about adding to your bathroom? Moreover, how do you marry a modern feel and functionality with your own personal design tastes?

Choosing the Right Walk in Shower Enclosure

Stunning Walk in Shower Enclosure Ideas for your Home sculptures-angled-walk-in-shower-enclosure-198

The first thing to think about when choosing a new walk in shower enclosure is functionality. This and what you are looking for in terms of personal luxury. Today, for example, a shower doesn’t just have to be about a purely functional steady stream of water. Rather, for added luxury and comfort, steam generators can be used to replicate a personal home sauna or spa experience. In like regard, multiple shower jets and rain effect shower heads can be used to make your morning or evening shower a second to none home relaxation experience.

Different Home Shower Enclosure Styles

Stunning Walk in Shower Enclosure Ideas for your Home frameless-shower-enclosure

One of the most popular walk in shower enclosure concepts at present is centered around home installation of door-less walk in shower areas. In both small and large bathrooms alike, the shower door has often been burdensome, in the sense that showers with doors effectively box off part of the available space in a bathroom. A door-less shower, in this case, is a fantastic way to exemplify your bathrooms overall space. In like regard, a door-less shower adds ultimately easy accessibility and is a brilliant way to showcase your shower and surrounding areas tiling and decorative effects.

Glass Enclosed Showers

Stunning Walk in Shower Enclosure Ideas for your Home 21212973

For those who still want to showcase their shower area visually but don’t have the space available to consider a door-less design, a glass enclosed walk in shower enclosure might be just what you are looking for. The benefits of this design are simple. With a glass-enclosed shower, you will still benefit from full exemplification of your tiling and bathrooms décor. However, at the same time, you will also benefit from an enclosed space perfect for containing the splashing and/or steam of your shower itself.

Enclosed Bath & Shower Spaces

Stunning Walk in Shower Enclosure Ideas for your Home 4attic-bathroom-1

Are you looking for the ultimate home pampering experience? The benefit of glass enclosed walk in shower enclosures is that they completely subtract any sense of one part of your bathroom being effectively cordoned off from the other. In this respect, it can be a fantastic idea in larger bathrooms, to add a combined bath and shower area. In this way, you can create what is essentially your very own home spa area, especially if you complement such areas further with steam generators, seating devices, and lighting effects.

Big Vs Small

Stunning Walk in Shower Enclosure Ideas for your Home modern-bathroom

If you have a smaller home, a combined bath and shower area simply might not be an option. However, there is no rule which stipulates that a smaller shower can’t be just as luxurious as a larger enclosure can be. The trick is to use lighting effects to exemplify the space which you do have available. Whether in the form of a skylight or sympathetic artificial lighting, the right lighting effects can add a distinct sense of both space and hotel and spa-inspired luxury.

Going Back to Nature with your Shower Enclosure

Stunning Walk in Shower Enclosure Ideas for your Home 8Bath_04

For a while between the 1970’s and 1990’s it seemed like avocado green bathroom suites were simply never going to go away. Thankfully, the arrival of affordable chrome effect and more modestly colored bath and shower units changed all of this. However, in more recent times, more and more homeowners are inclined to achieve a much more natural look and feel when it comes to personal washing spaces and shower enclosures. Seating areas and tiling rendered out of natural stone, for example, are a brilliant way to bring a shower area alive with a distinctly modern, yet natural feel also. Even better, energy efficient shower heads, lighting, and steam devices can help you cut costs in your home while hugely benefiting the wider natural environment.

Ultra-Modern Walk in Shower Enclosures

Stunning Walk in Shower Enclosure Ideas for your Home s-l1000

Are you looking to add a distinctly modern feel to your bathroom? Modern rainmaker shower heads, lighting effects, and steam generators can add a fantastically modern feel to any shower enclosure design. However, if you are looking for an overall modern appearance also, you might want to consider the likes of a futuristically round or wood effect enclosed shower. Of course, the specific design you choose will have to complement your existing home and bathroom décor. However, an ultra-modern shower can easily become the focal point of a bathroom, rather than just an added accessory like area.

Maintenance and Future Proofing your Bathroom

Stunning Walk in Shower Enclosure Ideas for your Home af216f770505ec85_5445-w618-h411-b0-p0-contemporary-bathroom

Whatever kind of walk in shower enclosure you choose to install in your bathroom, it’s important to consider how easy to maintain and how future proof a design will be. Depending on your home layout, style, and even location, a bold, ultra-modern design might not always be the most suitable. This being the case, if you are uncertain in regard to what kind of enclosed shower area might be right for your bathroom, make sure to reach out to a professional interior designer. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to ourselves directly so that we can advise you personally in regard to which might be the best shower design for your budget and property.